Monday, January 02, 2006

Another semester gone by...

Another grueling three months, another semester at IIM Bangalore gone by….now I am half an MBA (last 2 semesters are discounted!!).

Any memories from the last semester? Many, some great, some not so great. As a ritual, let’s first talk about the courses and the instructors. If I can summarize my learning from this semester, I learnt two things in this semester:

  • Corporate Finance: It was the most interesting course: 50% due to the instructor, Prof. V Ravi Anshuman (an IITK alumnus). During my engineering, we were told that theories work under only “ideal” situations which can be created under laboratory conditions. In markets, theories are never applicable because even the “ideal” conditions are not defined. It depends so much on individual behaviors and perception that the complexities are wonderful. Behavioral Corporate Finance seems to be an interesting topic to me, a mixture of Psychology and Finance. Would love to read about it…
  • Toyota Production System (TPS): Japanese proved the 200 year old theory of Adam Smith of “economies of scale” wrong!! You don’t have to produce the maximum for minimum costs. Right from the childhood we are taught this and now, suddenly JIT proves it all wrong. “The Goal” was a great reading.

No more learning from this semester!! Wondering why? Kotler was mercilessly butchered by our marketing professor. Most of the stuff in QM was not new to me. I found MPPO interesting enough.

Now, other things apart from academics. Hard work put in the first month paid off with an internship in Lehman Brothers. Read more about my summers experience in one of my previous postings.

Time spent with my friends was a great fun. I thoroughly enjoyed their company. May the friendship last for ever!

So, how would I rate my second semester? A lot may depend on the final grades I get :). But, discounting that effect, it was better than the last semester in terms of enjoyment that I had.


Ankush Garg said...


Don't use your IIM lingo if you want to retain the non-MBA's like me on your post :)

pango said...

MPPO is "Managing People and Performance in Organization". It was an HR course. QM is "Quantitativ Methods". Will try to avoid any lingo in future.