Monday, March 28, 2005

IIMB Interview

IIMB interview was certainly the most important one for me. After an initial confusion regarding the venue, the process finally started at about 10 am, an hour late. First was the Case study.
Case was related to a young manager, who is in confrontation with his boss regarding the publishing of an encyclopaedia on Indian mythology. His boss favoured a print edition, while he favored an interned edition. The group again consisted of "us" only, i.e guys from IITK together again !! Good enough GD for me.
Interview: I was a little confused whether interview will be based on acads, or HR, or a mixed. Anyways, the first question was "Tell me about yourself." Some other questions, as I remember were:
Why do you need to do MBA for setting up ur own company?
Why did you mention your research projects to us? Is it for increasing the market value of your CV, and not interest?
Who is a techno manager?
Dont you think you will be left behind technology, if you become a manager?
You are the event manager of a marriage. Tell us the various arrangements that you need to make.
What will you do if you are not able to do MBA ever?
Where is your job, and whats the work out there?
After an MBA, what kind of job will you prefer, in IT sector or marketing or finance?
I know you will end up in US, and not stay in India.

Amazingly, not even a single acads question was asked in my 3 interviews !!
I think the interview went on well. Waiting for the results now :)

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Is Sachin the greatest?

I wrote this in 2005 - how time flies! I would now change the order to (only modern time batsmen included):

1. Sachin Tendulkar
2. Ricky Ponting
3. Rahul Dravid
4. Brian Lara
5. Jacques Kallis


"Sachin crosses 10K mark in Test matches"-- headline of every newspaper on that day. But there was a difference, the news didn't create much hype. Are the likes of Dravid, Sehwag taking over the "prime" role in the team, and more importantly in people's perception? This is not the question being discussed over here, though, just a food for thought.
Let us analyze the 4 others who had crossed this mark. I will not go into statistics for comparison. Instead, I consider other factors, which are undoubtedly, subjective and open for discussion.

Sunil Gavaskar: Opening batsman, easily the best Indian batsman for long. He played against the fierce pace attack of W. Indies (the famous 4-tuple), and Aussie attack(Jeff). His record of most runs in a series against W. Indies in W. Indies still stands. He didn't have the luxury of all modern protection equipments. Making runs while facing new ball, against the best attacks, with little support from the team, on seaming wickets, with minimum protection: really puts him in the Ivy league of batsmen.
Allan Border: A low middle order batsman, one of the finest captains in the game's history. Had to face old ball, or the second new ball. His strengths were performing in critical situations, partnerships with lower order, and setting an example as a captain.
Steve Waugh: Very much like Border. Middle order captain, great captain, known for his match winning innings, run accumulator.
Brian Lara: Highest individual score: 400. A middle order batsman of high class. When his bat comes down on the ball, from a high back-lift, for a flowing drive or punching pull, it really created fuzz around the stadium. His flow of batting is really exasperating  His career has been marred by ups and downs. But, the number of test matches, he has won single handed for W. Indies, really represents his high class, and temperament.
Sachin: Middle order batsman. Best in technique and makes batting an art. Enjoys an iconic status in India. Truly a "master blaster". Has only recently started getting support from the team. But, hasn't won enough test matches for India. Unfortunately, not a big match player.

Ranking them will be difficult and dicy too. While Waugh and Border represent the spirit of the game, Lara and Sachin represent the "aura" of the game. Gavaskar is the symbol of "class" of the game. I will put Gavaskar on top, as he was an opening batsman, got his runs against the best on juicy pitches. Lara will be above Sachin, for he has won more matches single handedly, played with an all time worst WI team, big match player, and has really set the batting standards high. The two Australians, were better captains for me, who were the masters at getting the team out of trouble.
Hence, the ranking is:
1. Sunil Gavaskar
2. Brian Lara
3. Sachin Tendulkar
4. Steve Waugh
5. Allan Border

Comments invited:)

Friday, March 18, 2005

IIMC Interview

Date: March 17, 05
Place: IMI, New Delhi

Just a reminder, IMI is a great place to be in:)
IIM C interview was expected to be a tough one. My panel consisted of 8 and all were IITians (all from IITK) !! The topic of GD was "Educational Achievement is primarily dependent upon family background". We were all familiar with each other as we had done ample number of GDs together. So, no leadership role, no dominance, lots of high pitch voices, expected. Nothing too outstanding for me in the GD :(
Then the PI. Mine was the third. This time I will list almost all the questions posed.
Prof: Tell me abt yourself.
Me: A well mugged up essay. Gave reference to my internship in EPFL , and research paper.
Prof: (Looked like he had been to switzerland), did u move around switzerland? Asked me about Lausanne, Geneva, Zurich, Luzern etc.
Prof.: Where have you been in India?
Me: Banaras, Goa. (I regret this reply)
Prof: Which is the most famous ghat in Banaras? What does the word mean?
Me: Gave quite a close answer.
Prof: Goa enthusiast: Which is the river in Goa? Which beach did u stay at?
This section was particularly goofed up by me :( I had completely forgotten everything about Goa.
Prof: You have wasted ur time in extra-curriculars. You could have had better DR.
Me: Another pet reply.
Prof: Last ques: What causes the phases of moon?
Me: Don't know.
Prof: Last ques: Where have u got calls from?

Can't say much about the interview. I told them what I had to, but made a complete mess of other answers. Well, lets see the results.

Monday, March 14, 2005

SWOT analysis of a girlfriend

This blog is targetted especially at my wingmates, who suffer from gyaencomania(fear of girls).
The question that is being raised is : Do we really need a girl(friend)?
There are related questions, such as are we capable/qualified/bold enough to have a gf? Why do we feel we need one? Why will a girl ever come with us? Is it a sexual question only? or do we really need a female companion in our fuckingly boring "man"ual life? After all, why are we FRUSTATED over this issue? Hey, wingmates, be with me on this issue atleast :)
Frankly, these questions haunt us whenever I think abt having a female (24*7*365*22 days)!!
So, let us do some SWOT analysis of why female is integral to man's survival.
1. She is "she". Isn't that enough? Aren't you bored after living with dirty, hard, harsh and intelligent males for 15 years ? You need a change yaar!!
2. There is a POSSIBILITY of mental, spiritual, sensual, and in rarest of the rare cases, physical pleasure. Although, financial dissatisfaction may be on the cards :(
3. Yours pride, neighbour's envy...Hahahahaha...feel like laughing like ramanand sagar's rakshasa. Bakaitti at its ultimate !!
Personality development: Just adds on another flower in our bouqette of personality ....
5. May be understand the architecture of GH too !!
6. May be girls are good buddies, who are always there when you need them (maybe not all the places :)).

Can't see any more benefits?
Now, comes the cost involved, and believe me its a huge list. Special thanks to all the bulla of 4 years that has helped me to compile me this.
1. Wing mein booking. For others, its pretty bad to be target of 18 other guys after 12 in the night. Till then you can be safe with ur gf though :)
2. Loss of independence: Are tum kahan jaa rahe ho? Tum usko kyun dekh rahe ho? Aaj tumne shave kyun nahin ki (remember, guys!!)? tum shaam ko kahan the ?? Save me God!!
Our "type" of sense of humor is at risk. Tumhari writing kitni gandi hai, ha ha ha. Woh dekho usne kaisi jeans pehen rakhi hai, ha ha ha ha!! Some girlish jokes I have ear dropped. Come on yaar, give me a break!!
4. Our "esteem" , naak nichi nahin honi chahiye bhai.
5. Financial burden. Canteenwalah doesn't know my room no till now !!
6. Endless chutiyaaps . Valentine day, b'day, treat, movie, long chats, ruthna, mananaa .......
7. Most importantly, you will end up spending less time with ur friends.
8. Lastly, why the damn are we ruining the life of the silly girl !!

So, we see, costs dominate benefits. Then what, still we wish we had gfs. Why??
We don't need a companion, our frnd circle is excellent, we care for each other, spend time together... then what??
Is it just being the "one" to "achieve" that, or mere "testing" ourselves at a foreign pitch, or is it just lust?? I guess, a nice recipe of all these factors.
Finally, what r the choices we have? (btw, do we really have a choice? umm, topic for my next blog....)
1. Say ALOUD we don't need a girlfriend. ..........and wait for your parents to come into action!!
2. Say ALOUD I am looking for a girlfriend. Fuck your blog, mr. Pankaj
3. Well, I am still doing the analysis.........................essentially, I dont need one.

Now, my answer would be 2 & 3, which combine together to say this:
"I am the biggest FATTU" ever to live on the earth.
Choose your choice. The question is open till you get married...