Friday, March 18, 2005

IIMC Interview

Date: March 17, 05
Place: IMI, New Delhi

Just a reminder, IMI is a great place to be in:)
IIM C interview was expected to be a tough one. My panel consisted of 8 and all were IITians (all from IITK) !! The topic of GD was "Educational Achievement is primarily dependent upon family background". We were all familiar with each other as we had done ample number of GDs together. So, no leadership role, no dominance, lots of high pitch voices, expected. Nothing too outstanding for me in the GD :(
Then the PI. Mine was the third. This time I will list almost all the questions posed.
Prof: Tell me abt yourself.
Me: A well mugged up essay. Gave reference to my internship in EPFL , and research paper.
Prof: (Looked like he had been to switzerland), did u move around switzerland? Asked me about Lausanne, Geneva, Zurich, Luzern etc.
Prof.: Where have you been in India?
Me: Banaras, Goa. (I regret this reply)
Prof: Which is the most famous ghat in Banaras? What does the word mean?
Me: Gave quite a close answer.
Prof: Goa enthusiast: Which is the river in Goa? Which beach did u stay at?
This section was particularly goofed up by me :( I had completely forgotten everything about Goa.
Prof: You have wasted ur time in extra-curriculars. You could have had better DR.
Me: Another pet reply.
Prof: Last ques: What causes the phases of moon?
Me: Don't know.
Prof: Last ques: Where have u got calls from?

Can't say much about the interview. I told them what I had to, but made a complete mess of other answers. Well, lets see the results.

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