Monday, March 28, 2005

IIMB Interview

IIMB interview was certainly the most important one for me. After an initial confusion regarding the venue, the process finally started at about 10 am, an hour late. First was the Case study.
Case was related to a young manager, who is in confrontation with his boss regarding the publishing of an encyclopaedia on Indian mythology. His boss favoured a print edition, while he favored an interned edition. The group again consisted of "us" only, i.e guys from IITK together again !! Good enough GD for me.
Interview: I was a little confused whether interview will be based on acads, or HR, or a mixed. Anyways, the first question was "Tell me about yourself." Some other questions, as I remember were:
Why do you need to do MBA for setting up ur own company?
Why did you mention your research projects to us? Is it for increasing the market value of your CV, and not interest?
Who is a techno manager?
Dont you think you will be left behind technology, if you become a manager?
You are the event manager of a marriage. Tell us the various arrangements that you need to make.
What will you do if you are not able to do MBA ever?
Where is your job, and whats the work out there?
After an MBA, what kind of job will you prefer, in IT sector or marketing or finance?
I know you will end up in US, and not stay in India.

Amazingly, not even a single acads question was asked in my 3 interviews !!
I think the interview went on well. Waiting for the results now :)

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