Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mark Cuban

Recently, I started watching 'Shark Tank' regularly and was very impressed with Mark Cuban as an investor / judge. He almost always, listens well and talks the last. His comments and rationale for 'yes / no' decision are very insightful. Mark focuses on all the right things to make an investment decision: quality and commitment of founders, product-market match, proof of concept and then interestingly, some heart, emotions and theme.

I explored more about him - his blog is equally gripping. Of the ones I read, I liked Stock market - where he lays out 'supply demand' dynamic of stock markets and how inefficient they are, and Fox News Should Watch Dancing with the Stars, where he points to an interesting human psychological trait - to save your hero, but ONLY when required. Still trying to understand his views on politics..


Arjun said...

I've followed his blog for a while. One thing that irks me is that he is a little too defensive when he talks about the future of television... at least used to be a year or 2 ago. surely traditional TV and cable will be disrupted

pango said...

Guess he has vested interest as he owns TV channels. Personally I am thinking about disconnecting my cable and switch to pure Internet TV.