Saturday, November 12, 2005

Summer Placement: Emotionally draining

In last 4 days, I have seen it all. I myself went through periods of lows and ups. Sometimes, it seemed all is lost; other times you have a feeling of achievement; and there are some times where you feel; is the whole thing worth it? I have seen people losing hope when they had to go from one company's process to another to another, and continue doing it. I have heard people feeling guilty of coming here to IIMB itself.

By God's grace, I was out of this grilling process quite early. I have been a volunteer from there on and I could afford to have a bird’s eye view on the whole process. People had to go from one GD/interview to another, one company to another; and it continued from 8 AM to 12 Midnight. This has been continuing for the last 4 days!!

Uncertainty, "arbitness" and lack of transparency of the process add to the complexity and anxiety. As some of the seniors put it, "The system is fair to all, unfair to some." If you happen to belong to that "some", you can feel pretty devastated.

What about people with work experience? Well, this place is not for them. In most cases, they don't get what they deserve. Questions like, "How is your work experience related to this company?" are cruel jokes. Recruiters should realize that most of them are here to do an MBA for precisely this reason- shift over from their present field. But, I think I am expecting too much from them considering the fact that some of the recruiters are themselves fresh graduates!! An ISB is always a better choice for people with 2+ years of work experience.

And finally, did one have a choice in terms of type of job or company? Most of them did not. People with interests in IT didn't even get a shortlist from IT companies. Some who hate selling soaps and detergents ended up in FMCG marketing. I am quite sure that even some of those who got day 0 are not interested in I-banks as of now.

Mid-way through the process, it was more about getting "out" of the process, rather than getting an internship you like. One can guess the motivation and enthusiasm levels of people.
I just hope that final placement is a much more logical process.


Mrinal said...

I know I am probably not the right person to say this, but I think the summers process is given way too much importance than it really deserves. I think a lot of people who sat through the process have never been rejected in their lives and that is something that they find hard to take. So in a way, it is all part of a learning process. Its time like these when you realise that certain things in life are more important than a summer internship abroad and that its not worth throwing away relationships for. In the end, the process is a test of endurance and everyoe who is part of it is a winner.

Nandz said...

Doesn't this mirror the placement process at IIT Kanpur? Probably in a 'milder' form. You probably have not gone through the frustration of not being shortlisted in companies @ IIT Kanpur, but I, personally have. When you've been rejected by a number of companies you just want to get selected by any one, it doesn't matter which one!

Ashutosh Madeshiya said...

Placement process @ IIT Kanpur is largely driven by the size of packages, manytimes not even by companies' profile!! I dont understand why the grown, matured and so called elite people behave so ridiculously at the time of placement. Human nature and instincts are understandable but sitting in a company without knowing and looking the job profile, is seriously sick and pathetic...and this causes a serious trouble for those, who are genuinely interested in that particular company. I know pass-outs who say "yaar...kahan aa gaye...yahan to sala poora chemical walon ka kaam hai"..WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS? ..after fucking four years of education @ IIT-K, people find it difficult to find a suitable job for themselves!!!??

Neo said...

there is no doubt that the process to a very large extent is arbit,but again,mostly from the companies' end...i guess the place does everything possible to make it more rational (and ya, i am not defending place here,am just saying what i really feel) fact,for that matter placements at IIT-M were as arbit, especially for the 'bigger' companies....people with CGs of 9.0 (and stud players too,a couple of insti teams) not even getting shortlisted and people with a CG of 7.1 or something (with zilch extra-currics) getting thro'.....i don't know how it is in the other IITs but as a thumb rule, at our place, tech companies were more objective in their selection.

anyway,i agree that after a point, it's more about 'getting out' than 'doing what u like to do'....

and,pango,dude, u can sure help us out with the final process....

all ur suggestions for making it more 'logical' are welcome