Saturday, August 09, 2008

"Sing is Kiing"- A good skit

With all the hype created around it and the fact that it was being released in Brussels, we could not afford to miss "Sing is Kiing". To give you a summary of the movie, it's a "machau" movie, with college skit level fattas, illogical script (as expected), and a large screen presence of new name of dependability, Akki.
As we entered the cinema hall, we were awed by the number of Indians. I can bet that it was the only packed hall in the multiplex. Indians are everywhere now! Sound system was horrible and seats worse than my small multiplex in Kota.
There is only one purpose of the movie- to make money. The fact that title of the movie came before the script itself (as told by Akki in his interviews) speaks a lot. It has its moments of laughter, the enactment of one of the classic Hindi dialogues "Mera khoon khaul raha hai", treatment given to the 'real' king and Javed Jaffrey's acts. But make sure you don't miss these, otherwise rest of the movie can be quite irritating at times.
Katrina with her stupid NRI accent is simply irritating. Remember, how British actors spoke Hindi in a historical movie of 70-80s. Akki seems to be enjoying his new stature, he does some amazing stunts and carries the movie on his shoulders (it proved to be quite heavy for him too). Javed Jaffrey, as a blind and deaf goon is hilarious. Watch out for his small dancing act. Neha Dhupia shows off her talent pretty well ;-)
Did I forget the plot of the movie? Which plot, which script, which logic? I have found a new respect for our IIT skit script writers. They should perhaps try out in bollywood, they might earn a lot more than Engineering or management jobs.


Gautam said...

Do not say anything about Katrina..she does not need to act or speak well to prove that she is required on the screen. Her sheer beauty is all that people want to see :) You sick creature :)

Gurpreet Singh said...

its great movie dear