Saturday, August 26, 2006

Campus Recruitment Automation Software/Portal

I am currently working on a start-up,
We have come with a Campus Recruitment Automation Software for educational institutes. We have built up a system which, we believe, is going to add a tremendous value to the Placement Activities at an educational institute and give it a new professional outlook in line with the stature of the institute.

Our main motivation for developing this software came from our personal experiences at IIT Kanpur. We saw an inefficient and manual set-up of the Recruitment process.

We would like to introduce you to “Ergo”, a Campus Recruitment Automation Software.

Some of the important features of our software are:

  1. Complete automation of the entire placement process through a web-based interface.
  2. Ergo supports 3 interfaces:
    1. Administrator Interface: To monitor and control the entire process including managing job applications, student profiles, recruiters’ data, announcement forums etc.
    2. Student Interface: To create profile, apply for jobs and manage resumes.
    3. Company Interface: To view job applications, short list students and communicate with students/institute.
  3. Archival and maintenance of past recruitment data
  4. A comprehensive portal for the Institute’s Placement Activities.

Ergo provides a user friendly and comprehensive interface to the institute, all the students and the recruiters. It will make the whole process easier, more efficient, reliable and fast. It will provide the institute an efficient and professional system which will be a definite edge in the eyes of recruiters.

We would be thankful to you if you can go through the demo of our product at:

Username/Password for the same are:

Administrator Interface: admin/admin

Student Interface: student/student

Company Interface: company/company

We request you to go through our system and give your valuable feedback. We would be glad if you can refer the software for your respective educational institute. Please contact us for more details.

Contact me at:

Phone No.: +91 98863 46740


Nisheet Jain said...

even we made a similar thing :) SPO Automation as a part of software engineering course. And Ya, we won open softare wala prize of 15k for that :D

jhon deny said...

Wonderful,Nice post, would like to huge thanks for providing such knowledgeable information for us. Get here web Based recruitment Automation saolution software to handle the whole recruitment process.