Saturday, October 29, 2005

Summers in Winters!

Back after a long time....Had a great vacation which was essentially an India tour. All great things said about the connectivity of Indian Railways, it still takes 40 Hours to reach Delhi from Bangalore. Same time in which one can travel across globe 1.5 times!! My recommendation: No train should cover more than 24 hours of journey, reduce air fare so that people like me can afford....
Back in my den, a new semester, a new beginning. Frankly, nothing new. Same old classes, schedule, and IIMB life; all with new players (professors) and scenes (courses). All this coupled with one great thing: Preparation for summers!!
I must have attended atleast 15 PPTs including of some of the companies I never heard of. Same old screenplay: Consultant thrashing the I-bankers (leaving the pay part) and i-bankers making fun of the consultants by doing some arbit NPV calculations. Damn it!! who is going to stay in a firm for the next 15 years. One I-banker had an interesting reply, "You can't compare the excitement in trading of millions." Man, go to a great casino in Las Vegas, you will enjoy there much more with all the "excitement".
Saw all sorts of PPT CP, ACP, and DCP, desperate ones trying to make a pinch of impression anywhere its possible. Frankly, I did some of it myself :)
Do you think it's over? No. The real "Battle" begins from next week, 8th Nov to be precise. All are waiting for the shortlists......

Say best of luck to me!!

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