Thursday, July 07, 2005

Miscellaneous stuff!!

First, a new look to my blog. Will be making more changes soon....
Internet speed at IIMB really sucks! In the absence of my comp, I am being mercilessly slaughtered by the deadly combination of slow net speed and IE. Browsing on IE is really a pain in the ass, with windows popping out of all corners, giving mating calls through a blue indicator and what not!!
Academic rigor hasn't yet started, so its cool life till now. 1:30 hours class can be really charging on your eyelids due to the heavy weight they need to sustain throughout the class. The very first class was a real fun with people jumping out of their seats to "participate" in class....enthu seems to have shattered from there on, particularly after realizing that there are no marks for class participation.
Got the HLL balance sheet for 2004 as our case study today, and the very first line projected the status of HLL. It goes like this:
"2004 was a good year for Indian economy. However, FMCG market continued to suffer in the form of decreasing sales."
-- Adapted from Hindustan Lever Limited, Annual Report, 2004
(emphasis added)
One of my dear wingmate won't like this!! I am sure all of us use the same volume of soaps, detergents, toothpaste, beauty creams etc. Why the sales have decreased then? No clues!!
Did you notice my deliberate effort to give proper reference to each quoted sentence. Well, we have been warned 200 times regarding plagiarism in IIMB. So, just practicing a bit!!
I was really getting bored so decided to write this one. Hope to come up with something better later :)


Ankush Garg said...

Are you sure it was correctly quoted? Because the rate at which we are multiplying, there seems to be a huge fortune in store for the FMCG.

Infact I am investing in FMCG for the very same reason, though it is not HLL.

And I am sure before starting your IIM education, you would want to read these:

pango said...

Dead sure!! Our prof quoted the same line and had few comments in store for HLL! FMCG market is expanding, but local players are eating up the share of the giants. Tanvir will be hurt if you say NO to HLL.
Anyways, I have already read through your articles. Nice ones!!