Saturday, June 25, 2005

New Journey Begins @IIMB

Blogging after a long time, and for the first time from IIMB. Reached here yesterday and have been haunting around the campus for the last two days with 2 IITK juniors. Just went to MG Road and ISCKON temple today.
First, about the city. What's best about Bangalore is its damn cool weather. Having returned from home (Rajasthan) where sun is scorching at around 46 C, really enjoyed the cool winds at 25 odd degrees. Apart from that my first impressions about the city: Bangalore was never meant to handle so many people! Too much crowd, traffic, really destroys the beauty and calm of this city. Infrastructure is certainly being pushed to limits. BMC has given a beautiful caption for Blore: "The city of Gardens, lakes, empowerment, knowledge."- which suitably captures the importance of this city.
Will write more about Bangalore later. Afterall, I have 2 more years to go here (and probably more because of job).
Next, about IIMB campus. No surprises, especially after coming from IITK. Lush green, pretty small one though, with 24 hour canteens, a CCD (known to be the worst in Bangalore), library, CC and not to forget, our hostel. Things are pretty close by, which is a big respite from 1 km journey to Department in IITK. My batchmates haven't started coming in large numbers. Met a couple of seniors over here. Can't really comment on the aura, people, etc. just now.
Finally, no one really knows IIMB here!! A big change from Kanpur, where you can get away from any damn thing in public in the name of IIT :)


Rajat said...
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Rajat said...

now i will have to go again to Rajasthan.. [:(]
had been enjoying the whole summers here in B'lore..

best wishes for ur life ahead at IIM..

n ya do visit OOty, Kodaikanal, Pondicherry, Tirupathi ...

N also in b'lore do visit the sankey tank park a real cool place between the huzz buzz of b'lore.