Monday, April 18, 2005

BTP- Finally over!

Finally, my B Tech Project (BTP) got over today with the final presentation and report submission. Feeling quite relaxed after that!
My BTP was related to "Program Analysis for generating Sandbox Policies". It's a topic related to an application of the compiler technique of "Program Analysis" in computer security. My guides were Dr. Deepak Gupta (DG) and Dr. S K Agarwal (SKA).
Things getting a little technical here, but you got to bear that (afterall, it's my BTP!).
Just few thoughts regarding this year long project. The topic was certainly not what I intended to work on. I was more interested in system level application in computer security, but ended up with algorithm and theoritical work. Anyways, found the work interesting enough later on. DG was particularly helpful during the work, and surely enough he is currently, one of the smartest professor at CSE Department of IIT Kanpur. He is damn sharp and has a great research inclination. I, still remember his disappointment when I told him that I am not going to apply for Graduate Studies :)
Honestly, I should have worked harder on the project. But then, got busy with Techkriti and CAT. I have enough excuses :)
None the less, the demo worked in the final presentation. That's what matters.
What did I learn from my BTP? Coding and executing a lengthy project. As a computer science engineer, I still have a lot to prove regarding my coding skills, and more importantly, software development skills.
Overall, a nice experience !!
You can find my BTP report at CSE Deptt. Report Repository (I am sure not many will be interested).

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